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Paddle with the Manatees, relax on the Wekiva, kayak the swamps of Blackwater Lake or run the fast waters of Emerald Cut. We offer guided kayak tours on several rivers local to Daytona Beach. Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc 352-589-7899 or email us.

St. Johns River & Blue Springs  

"Its crystal clear water, you can see turtles and fish swimming under your yak." A paradise for wildlife this historic river was once the highway for commerce bringing goods to the Central Florida area by paddle wheel boat. Being close to Daytona Beach makes this tour a favorite! It's a relaxing 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour.
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary 
St Johns River I $64.00 (2-3 hours) 

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St Johns River II $94.00 (4-5 hours) 
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Winter Manatee Tour (Winter Months Only) 
Winter makes Florida a truly magical place and the Manatees come inland to bask in the 72 degree waters of the springs. If you have never experienced this gentle giant now is the time. Just outside of Daytona, this is an incredible 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour.
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary 
Winter Manatee I $64.00 (2-3 hours)
Winter Manatee II $94.00 (4-5 hours)
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Bold Blackwater Lake
Paddle through the enchanted blackwater forest and old Florida swamp to a beautiful lake rimmed with Cypress Trees that are hundreds of years old. Less than an hour from Daytona, Blackwater Lake is a 2-3 hour treat.
Level of Difficulty: Previous Experience Necessary 
Extreme Blackwater Lake I $64.00 (2-3 hours)
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Rock Springs Run Fun
This river meanders through Cabbage Palm forests, Live Oak hammocks as well as wide open savannas. The water is crystal clear and home to many types of fish and wading birds. It's a great place to cool off in the summer. Being close to Daytona makes this an awesome 2-3 hour tour.
Level of Difficulty: Some Experience Necessary
Rock Springs Run I $64.00 (2-3 hours)
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Extreme Emerald Cut 
Kayaking on some of Central Florida's fastest water is a ton of fun! Paddle upstream to the top and let the river shoot you through the gap back to the bottom. Along with some great wildlife viewing, this is an epic 2-3 or 4-5 hour Daytona Beach kayaking tour!
Level of Difficulty: Previous Experience Necessary
Extreme Emerald Cut I $64.00 (2-3 hours) 

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Extreme Emerald Cut II $94.00 (4-5 hours) 

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Wekiva River 
These slow moving waters create a fantastic environment for many different species of plants, birds, fish and other wildlife. If you're looking for a nature filled, lazy river paddling trip this is for you. For this Daytona Beach kayaking tour we are able to make it a 2-3 or 
4-5 hour trip.
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary 
Wekiva River I $64.00 (2-3 hours) 

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Wekiva River II $94.00 (4-5 hours) 
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Silver River 
 Silver Springs which creates the Silver River is boardered by state park and it's exceptionally scenic! You will definitely hone your paddling skills going upstream but as a first magnitude spring it makes the trip back a breeze! You’ll have a chance to see lots of wildlife; otters, wading birds, hawks, owls, raccoons, wild pigs and more. See giant garfish, armored catfish, bowfin and maybe even a monkey or 2. If you are staying near Daytona or the beaches and want to experience one of the most beautiful rivers in Central Florida this is an unforgettable 4-5 hour tour.
Level of Difficulty: Must be In Good Shape or you will be when you’re done ;-)
Silver River I $94.00 (4-5 hours)
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All of our Daytona Beach area guided kayak tours are booked by reservation and we can accommodate ages 5 and above.

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This is a watercolor by Donna Rutlin from a photo of her tour in March 2010.

Lake Dora and her shades of gray...paddling the Dora Canal

We headed off to kayak the Dora Canal just after sunrise and man was it beautiful! First we checked out Lake Dora with the sun still behind the low clouds and it was a wash of gray. There must have been hundreds of Tree Swallows flying overhead feasting on their breakfast. Paddling back through the canal we got to see Great Egrets, Anhingas, Snowy Egrets, Little Blue Herons in their first year white phase, Green Herons, White Ibis and an Osprey all doing their morning thing. With the giant Cypress Trees, swaying Spanish Moss, flaming red Turks Cap also known as Sleeping Hibiscus and the reflections from the calm water it was a beautiful morning to be a kayaker!

And then there were 3... We had the river all to ourselves!

The 3 of us paddled the flooded St Johns this morning and as we started our journey not a soul was on the river. First we went up into Blue Springs. It's always a treat to see the dark water change in the blink of an eye to the clear, cool, spring water. There were Turtles and Anhingas sunning on the fallen trees. As we headed toward the swamps we found Kingfishers, Great Blue Herons, White Ibis and Little Blue Herons. It's so neat to be able to kayak through these normally dry areas so we took a break there and absorbed the peacefulness. Drifting downstream we found a large Bald Eagle watching us from the tallest tree. What a beautiful day to be on the water.  

Mother Nature at her best!

Mother Nature was at her best this morning on the Silver River. King Fishers and Pied-billed Grebes were spotted which is a sure sign that the end of Summer is near. The Rice Grass is blooming now and young Wood Ducks, male and female are passing the days away waiting for adulthood. The red Cardinal Flower and purple Pickerel Weed are loaded with Bumble Bees and Butterflies. From a distance we located a mother Alligator with her new hatchlings and there were tons of Turtles and wading birds out playing. Then the skies opened up and brought more water to the river as we drifted to our take out spot… cool stuff right there!  

Kayaking the Wild and Scenic Wekiva

We got to see a lot today on the Lower Wekiva. The bright red of the Scarlet Hibiscus in bloom is beautiful. The Great Blue, Green, Tri-colored and Little Blue Herons in the calico and 2nd year blue phases were all out looking for a meal and the Ospreys were fishing too. The Anhingas were sunning, White Ibis rooting around and we saw a Wild Turkey Mom with her 3 chicks. Staying in the shade was the name of the game and made for a great morning on the river.