Near Daytona Beach, Florida there are several excellent paddling opportunities. Just a few miles outside Daytona you can paddle with the Manatees, kayak the swamps of Blackwater Lake, relax on the Wekiva River or run the fast waters of Emerald Cut. With Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc 352-589-7899 or email us you'll experience the back waters that Daytona has to offer with Native Floridians. This is where we grew up playing and we can't wait to help you Discover Florida's Wildlife!
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This is a watercolor by Donna Rutlin from a photo of her tour in March 2010.

From Daytona Beach, FL or New York State Silver River rocks!

The Curious Fishing Spider

October 19th 2014 was a perfect paddling day on the Silver River. There were dozens of White Ibis flying overhead and the Red Maple Trees ablaze with Fall colors it stunning. The Anhingas are starting to find each other for the Winter season and the Kingfishers, Phoebes and Grebes are all here from up North. Tri-colored Herons, Little Blue Herons, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Moorhens and Green Herons were all out doing their thing too. With the cool night the Turtles all made it out to sun on the logs and some logs had 10 or more! At the lunch stop the big Snapping Turtle showed off for us and we couldn't have asked for a better day to be kayaking the Silver River!

Kayaking near Daytona Beach October 14, 2014

Today we had the group from Orange Blossom Tours come up from Sebring to paddle with us. The rivers are high and that makes for some great exploring. The Little Blue and Great Blue Herons, White Ibis, Great Egrets, Limpkins and Osprey were all out fishing. Fall is showing itself in the Red Maple Trees and the sky... well it was that beautiful Florida blue. Great friends, great weather and a great time on the river!

Kayaking in Florida Emerald Cut Style

Dan saw a billboard on the way to FL from MI and said "we need to do some kayaking!" Down for his wedding it was time to take the boys on a little Florida Backwater Adventure. On the main run the logs were full of Turtles sunning and then it was time to head toward the jumpin' tree. After a dip in the river and a few launches off the tree Emerald Cut was on the agenda next. To the delight of all the others, Dan was the one to be baptized by Emerald Cut's current today ;-). It was great weather and a great day to be on the river!    

Kayaking with the Manatees near Daytona Beach, FL

Kayaking with the Manatees is the coolest thing since sliced bread. These gentle curious creatures come swimming slowly by your kayak as if they are saying Hello. The excitement that you feel when one starts to approach is exhilarating. If you haven't had a chance to paddle with the Manatees, now is the time!! 

Kayaking with the wildlife near Kissimmee... the Silver River is hard to beat!

Chris and Kate came over from the UK for a little paddling and wildlife viewing and we hit a home run today. The Silver River was just full of new stuff to see. There were lots of birds out feeding. We saw Anhingas, Cormorants, Great Egrets, Little Blue, Green and Great Blue Herons, Black Crowned and Yellow Crowned Night Herons, Kingfishers, Wood Ducks, Moorhens and even a late breaking Prothonotary Warbler. There were a few Alligators and several Turtles out sunning and we even got to see a Snapping Turtle. A lone Manatee which is so incredibly unusual on the Silver River, came swimming past us then turned around and came back to check us out. We also got to see a Rhesus Macaque Monkey hanging out in the trees. The bellowing of the male Gator is a sound we won’t soon forget; it’s the Lion’s roar of the swamps. Some days Mother Nature pitches us a home run and today the 16th of September 2014 was one of those days!  

From the UK to the Wild and Scenic Wekiva, life is good... 24/7/14

Over from the UK for a few weeks of play Janet's family decided a kayak tour of the Wekiva River was in order. We got to spent a half day exploring around and on the way to Wilson's Landing we saw several Anhingas and Moorhens. The Scarlet Hibiscus and Pink Mallow are in full bloom and the shade of the treeline was much appreciated. Up by spring island a little Alligator came out as if to say hello. As we drifted towards Katie's Landing we were looking forward to having a picnic and we found the perfect table in the shade of the huge Oak trees to enjoy our lunch break. We headed toward the St Johns River and the mighty Great Blue Herons showed up along with the Great Egrets and Limpkins. The Turtles were out sunning and the Little Blue Herons in the white and in the blue phases graced us with their presence. As we watched the Ospreys dive for fish, to our surprise we caught a glimpse of a Manatee coming up for a breath of air. The sky was that Summertime blue and the day... a great one to be on the water.

Drifting down the run June 19, 2014

As we drifted down Rock Springs Run for a couple of miles we passed Spider Lilies, Water Hemlock and Pickerel Weed in bloom. The Air Plant hanging from the Oak Trees is lighting up too. We got to see several Turtles sunning on the logs and fish darting about in the clear water. A Limpkin watched us watch him as we drifted by and we got to see a "fresh out of the nest" Great Blue Heron out feeding. We paddled up to the sand bar, stretched our legs and got our feet wet while we enjoyed our snack break. It was an awesome morning to be on the water!