Extreme Emerald Cut October 14th, 2011

Whew, Emerald Cut was a bit extreme today. That much needed rain we got turned the rushing water into a tea colored trough but at the top, it's still that crystal clear water we Know and Love! Bob and Debbie had to shuck and jive a few trees but the paddlers they are, made it without mishaps! 

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Debbie said...

Jen and Kenny,

We had a wonderful time with Kenny and and thank you Jenny for your help in setting up our tour today.
It was beautiful and so relaxing. I laughed when I saw the pic of me going under the tree. Bob said he and Kenny both thought I was going to go over. If I had, that would have been okay but I am glad I could get through without capsizing. I plan to post feedback on Trip Advisor. Attached are some pictures I took, many of Kenny as he was taking pictures of us.

Best Wishes to you both in the Future,