The St Johns River June 16th, 2012

Sometimes when you least expect it, a Manatee comes to visit...usually they are all gone by now so this was a nice surprise!
Betsy Longo shared this photo with us!! Thanks Betsy!

This is Andre's photo of the group

Andre's gator shot! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!!
Bob, Betsy, Andre, our little Buddy, Samuel and Michelle paddled the St Johns River into Blue Springs and what a beautiful day it was! 

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Betsy said...

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for the photos. Bob and I thoroughly enjoyed our kayak adventure. We are so happy with the morning we spent with Kenny. He is a great, informative guide and we really lucked out seeing manatees up-this CLOSE! I also enjoyed learning more about everything we saw from the water plants and trees to the eagles and other birds, and the many types of fish, turtles, and manatees. And, the scenery was amazing!
I am sending along a couple of photos that I liked in particular and hope that you enjoy them.