Kayaking in the Florida rain July 23, 2013

Beautiful Corn Snake

Paddling Rock Springs Run

Matt and Cameron with the baby gator behind them


That's better

Oh yeah, much better

After a nice dip in the spring run, ahhhhhh yes, this works
Today, we had some serious Troopers with us! We started out with a nice, overcast day, good stuff, it'll keep the sun off of us. Then we got to see the corn snake, a few baby gators, a Limpkin and some Anhingas... then a little drizzle. No big deal, no lightening, no thunder and then it poured buckets on us. It was almost comical as some of us dawned our rain ponchos while others held out ;-). As quickly as it came, it went! And the spring run? Well it was almost warmer then the Florida July air!

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