Kayaking Rock Springs Run March 10, 2013

Rock Springs Run is a beautiful place to paddle and today, we were able to share it with folks from all over the world! From Canada, Spain and right here in our back yard, we all came together to spend a beautiful morning on the river. The Otters were out scouting for breakfast, the Red Bellied Turtles out sunning, the "teenager" Gators were hanging around with the White Ibis and the Great Egrets. The Dragon Flies have escaped their rigid bodies and are flying along with the new Swallow Tailed Butterflies that are now here. A picnic at the "jumping tree" capped off the morning and we even had 1 taker that was up for a swim ;-). Life is good on the river!

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Debra said...

Hi Jenny and Kenny! Thanks for the photos..we had a great time! Debra