A Rock Springs Run kind of day 5-22-14

Hot day, cool water and a Rock Springs Run tour fits right into that slot nicely. We had a Great Egret flyby and the Spider Lilly is in bloom now. It was a great day for the Turtles, the fish are bedding and the Apple Snail Eggs are everywhere. That's a good sign ;-). We had a male Gator go off about 10 yards away in the heavy vegetation. It's an amazingly unique sound they make during the breeding season when they are calling for a girl. We also got to see a Great Blue Heron, Limpkin, Red-shouldered Hawk and the Water Hemlock is  blooming too. The Airplants on the Oaks, Giant Leather Ferns along the way and the cool, clean, clear water is always a welcome sight.

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