Blue Springs Paddling May 5th, 2014

What a joy it is to paddle among the Spatterdock Water Lilies, Elderberry and Moon Flower Vine all in bloom. The Great Blue Heron's youngsters with their heads still full of down are almost ready to leave the nest. The orange Dodder Vine adds more color to the river as it covers the Milkweed. The Osprey, successful in his fishing efforts, flew over our heads with catch in claw. While up the spring run with it's clear water and Oak Trees for shade we got to see lots of fish and watch as the Turtles and Gators were sunning on the logs. Then we traveled out to Snake Creek. It's a totally different side of the river and there was a young Barred Owl chattering which made him really easy to spot back in the trees. The morning was a bit crisp and the warm breeze of the afternoon was welcome as well. It was an awesome day to be on the water!

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