From the UK to the Wild and Scenic Wekiva, life is good... 24/7/14

Over from the UK for a few weeks of play Janet's family decided a kayak tour of the Wekiva River was in order. We got to spent a half day exploring around and on the way to Wilson's Landing we saw several Anhingas and Moorhens. The Scarlet Hibiscus and Pink Mallow are in full bloom and the shade of the treeline was much appreciated. Up by spring island a little Alligator came out as if to say hello. As we drifted towards Katie's Landing we were looking forward to having a picnic and we found the perfect table in the shade of the huge Oak trees to enjoy our lunch break. We headed toward the St Johns River and the mighty Great Blue Herons showed up along with the Great Egrets and Limpkins. The Turtles were out sunning and the Little Blue Herons in the white and in the blue phases graced us with their presence. As we watched the Ospreys dive for fish, to our surprise we caught a glimpse of a Manatee coming up for a breath of air. The sky was that Summertime blue and the day... a great one to be on the water.

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