Exploring the St Johns River Orange City, FL Wednesday April 9th, 2014

This was Mary Jo and Alice's second day on the river with Kenny and wow what a difference 12 hours can make. From yesterday's drizzle to picture perfect 70 degrees and full on Florida Sunshine! Everything else was out too. The Great Blue Heron on the nest feeding those newbies, a Limpkin bumping around, Little Blue Herons phasing out of white into their adult blue coloring, Moorhens, Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets, Purple Gallinule, Cormorants, Osprey and more... The reptiles were out; Red-bellied and River Cooter Turtles and there were a few Alligators out sunning too. On the way back there was a big fellow moving along in the river and as he came up on this floating Garfish he all the sudden grabbed that thing and did the crunch a munch...it was wild. There are lots of flowers poping as well. The Pickerel Weed, Lance-leaf Arrowhead, Indigo, Spatterdock and Elderberry have all come out to celebrate Spring.    

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