Our Summer Manatee Encounter June 10, 2014

There was lots happening on the St Johns River, the Great Blue Heron was the bird of the day. There are new young birds out learning how to feed, some even fishing with the Boys on the Bank ;-). Others are still in the nest not even ready for their first flight yet. There were several other birds about, we saw the Little Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, lots of Osprey and found 2 Limpkins walking the shaded shoreline looking for freshwater Mussels. They must do well here because there were several shells already cracked open and laying on the ground. The Manatee Gods were with us today and presented us with a lone Manatee up in the spring run. There must be hundreds of Long-nosed Gar, Mullet and Talipia up in the cool, clear, spring fed waters too. The Button Bush is in full bloom now and the river is a welcome place to spend the day! 

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