Paddling in the Florida Sunshine December 14, 2014

Scott and Joan, celebrating their 20th anniversary, came down from MN for a little wildlife adventure. Heading off to paddle the St Johns with the Manatees we eyed a pair of Bald Eagles looking down at us from the tallest of the Oak trees. There were several Manatees in the Spring Run and we had quite a few swim right under our kayaks. There's not many places in the world where you can have this kind of wildlife encounter and the Manatees are just so cool to watch. Toward Snake Creek we had a North American River Otter swim no more than 8 feet away from us, he was on a mission ;-) and out in the back waters we found 2 Barred Owls taking a siesta. The Great and Little Blue Herons were out fishing while the Black and Turkey Vultures were copping thermals high above. The Red-shouldered Hawks were calling to each other, we eyeballed a few Gators and the Turtles were out sunning too. The water was calm and the Sun was warm. It was a Home Run day to be on the river celebrating a Happy Anniversary!!

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The Boyd's said...

Scott and Joan posted;

Hello Kenny and Jen,

Thank you so much for the kayak trip and photos. We had a fantastic time seeing the manatees and the other wildlife. It was the highlight of our trip. We have already bragged you up with our friends and will definitely go out and give you a great review on trip advisor.

We will make sure to look you up for another tour when we are in Orlando the next time. Thank you again for the great experience.

Scott and Joan