Paddling one of Florida's prettiest rivers Nov. 3, 2013

One of the prettiest rivers to kayak in Florida has to be Rock Springs Run. With it's clear waters, white sand bottom and gentle current, it just plain rocks ;-). Vicki and Sieg came down from MI for a conference in Tampa while Ray, Nancy, Meghan and Garrett drove from DeLand and Orlando...AND we were all happy to help Meghan celebrate her birthday. We paddled down to the snail flats and on the way the Great Blue Heron, Kingfisher and White Ibis were out fishing with the Red-bellied and Slider Turtles that were out sunning. Then we decided to give Emerald Cut a go. That's one of the few places here where there is a bit of fast water...and it's a ton of fun. We made it up to Jimmy's Island and called it a day as daylight savings time is over so the sun was starting to set. From there, we drifted back, enjoyed the ride as we went... and kept the memories of a gentle day on the river, along with a smile.      

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