Yaking with the Smyrna Yacht Club 3/1/14

We got to celebrate the 1st of March with the Smyrna Yacht Club and a ton of fun that was. As we started on our journey, the St Johns River was rolling fog. We paddled around the island and got to see quite a few birds. The Great Blues are still sitting on their nests and a 2nd nest is being built in the rookery tree. The Little Blue Herons, white and blue phase, Snowy and Great Egrets, Cormorants, and Anhingas were good at keeping us company and we got the watch an American Bittern fly by. The Moorhens came out to say hello too and then we headed for the Manatee spot. There were a few milling around our kayaks and the Bald Eagle watched over us and called for her mate. The Green Fly Orchids are getting ready to send out some new shoots too. Then we headed to Snake Creek to see what we could find. A Wood Stork was hiding in the Willows which are popping with new green leaves and the Maples, Ash and Elms are all starting to come out as well. On the way back, we got to see a Sandhill Crane making a nest and the White Ibis were all roosting in their tree. There was a parade of C-Dorys that went by and the sun came out to blow off the fog. After seeing the big Gator sunning himself on the bank, a nice surprise was more Manatees that came out to play. Some right up next to our kayaks again. It turned out to be a beautiful day and a great group of people to spend it with!

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