Kayak paddlers paradise, the springs of the St Johns River May 11, 2015

A Great Egret is motionless standing in the Mild Water-pepper just waiting for his prey to move. The Great Blue Herons are flying overhead sounding like, what we can only imagine, Pterodactyls would. The Gators are puffed up showing their size to each other as we glide by at a comfortable distance - they are looking for a mate. Ospreys, Bald Eagles, Red-shouldered Hawks are all out and about copping thermals. This and so much more can be found on the St Johns River in the spring time. As we paddled up into the springs we could see the bubbles from the divers in the cave below and the fish swimming under our kayaks, it's an amazing sight. The back bays and oxbows have the feel of a Little Amazon with their tall Alligator Flag plants. It's what we call a paddlers paradise.

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