Kayaking with Manatees is Awesome!

With it's back waters and spring fed run, the St Johns River is always a great place to kayak. This morning we did a little poking around some weed lines and running along in the shaded flood plain swamps. With the sun getting higher in the sky and the heat coming on we headed to the spring run. The clear cool water there and the shade of the big Live Oaks is a welcome sight. In the run the fish were really stacked up; Longnose Gar, Mullet, Tilapia, Catfish, Pan fish and a 3 foot long Grass Carp. On our way back down we spotted a mother Manatee with a new born calf resting on the river bottom. We sat and observed them for a time watching as they would come up for a breathe and then sink slowly down to the river bottom again. There were a few Great Blue and Little Blue Herons with the Anhingas and Cormorants. An Osprey was overhead looking for a fish dinner and we spotted a Gator or 2. A great day on the water it was!

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