Mother Nature and the Silver River

Mother Nature was showing off on the Silver River today! Littles Blue Herons both 1st year white and blue adults were hanging out as well as Green Herons clucking up and down the river. Limpkins were poking around for Apple Snails, Great Blue Herons, Anhingas, Black Crowned Night Herons were all just feet away from each other. A hundred or so White Ibis were beating down the weeds as 10 Great Egrets stood by waiting for something to come running out of the herd. There were 14 Wood Storks resting the afternoon away up in the Cypress Trees. As we headed downstream the Turtles were out in full force sunning on every available log and a troop or Rhesus Macaque Monkeys greeted us also. They are the only free range monkeys in North America – Silver River’s world famous monkeys! The sky was blue, the weather gorgeous and you just couldn’t have asked for a better time to be on the river.  

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The Boyd's said...

Chris posted:

K and J,

Man, what an awesome day on the Silver River Monday...I was totally blown away. Kenny, your passion for this stuff just put it all over the top, brother. Thank you!!

I posted a bunch of pics on my FB and gave you guys a nice plug ;) I'll be back for more...Kenny, I wanna do the Lake Norris trip, will check dates soon. Already pricing a kayak for myself in the future, a Perception Prodigy probably...

Thanks again to you both! We'll meet again!