Taking the Family on a Florida kayak tour March 1, 2015

Chris and Jessica from CO brought their family out for a Central Florida nature adventure and from the smiles on the boy's faces we think they were please with the wildlife finds. A pair of Bald Eagles, a few Osprey, Anhingas and Red-shouldered Hawks started off the day and then we found the Manatees out feeding around the spring. Throw in a Gator, some sunning Turtles and a Barred Owl sounding off overhead and it was a really good day to be on the river!

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The Boyd's said...

Jess posted:


Thank you so much! I love the pictures! I think I was successful in posting to your FB page yesterday, but I'll try again! I also just finished our Trip Adviser review. It's no wonder you have 100% Thumbs Up! We had such a great time! We feel like we've had some amazing days over the past couple of months and our morning out with Kenny soared right to the top!

Have a great night!