Yaking the beautiful Silver River April 9, 2015

There was lots going on today on the Silver River. We made our way up stream paddling next to 4 ft tall Cypress Knees and got to see some Banded Water Snakes and even a Green Snake that was out sunning. There were a few Alligators out along the river bank with a slew of Turtles and we found 2 sets of Limpkin chicks with about 6 adults. What a cool cry they make staying in touch with each other. We heard many Prothonotary Warblers so we know they have made their way South now. A troop of Rhesus Macaques met us on our way down stream and as we glided by they watched us watching them ;-).

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Diana & Gina posted;

Jen & Kenny, we will certainly be back. Loved the day and thank you for making it so special for us. Diana & Gina