A little family fun on Rock Springs Run July 7, 2016

Gerry brought 3 generations of family with him today for a Rock Springs Run trip. 8 kayaks in all we were set for some Central Florida paddling fun. Rock Spring Run is shallow and crystal clear this time of year and the 72 degree water makes for a cool paddle on a hot Summer day. The Green Heron was sitting on a low branch fishing for a snack and we saw a Little Blue Heron in his first year white phase. A young Anhinga let us all paddle right by her just feet away and we found a family of Limpkins looking for snails along the shoreline while the White Ibis were rooting around for grub. The sunning Turtles are always fun to watch and the presence of the Apple Snails let us know the river is a healthy one. We had a nice relaxing swim and swinging from the rope swing made for a great adventure.   

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