An awesome adventure kayaking with the Manatees and Wildlife of Central Florida Jan. 2017

The St Johns River was a hoping place this morning. Everywhere you look there is wildlife! The Great Blue Herons are starting their mating ritual sitting on their nests all fluffed up with their bills pointing skyward. The wading birds were out along with some special ones such as Limpkins, American Bitterns, Sandhill Cranes, Purple Gallinules and Bald Eagles. There were dozens of Manatees up in the sanctuary this morning. A few came over and gave us a closer look - what a gentle creature they are and it’s a special time when they interact with us. In the swamps of Snake Creek we found lots of young Alligators and Turtles sunning. We got to see a Momma Gator carrying her babies on her back so we gave her lots of space. One day before a cold front that was moving southward it was good timing to be on the river. Great weather and great paddling buddies always make for a great day!

This is a video of what the river looked like first thing this morning!

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