From Daytona Beach to Kayaking Silver River... Life IS Good!

This Cypress Knee is holding up this Cabbage Palm Tree

It has melded around the Palm and they have become Friends :-)

This is how cool Mother Nature is to her family!

Tiny Baby Turtles

Brian - all the way from Oshkosh to the Silver River!
What a great day for a kayak tour on the Silver River. It was a day of teenage Wood Ducks and Turtles, Little Blue Herons and Monkeys on Cypress Knees. We got an early start and had a few quiet hours kayaking along with the river almost completely to ourselves. The White Ibis, Great Egrets and Anhingas were out funning around and there was tons of other wildlife to keep us smiling. The Silver River never fails to enchant and excite! #KayakingWithKenny #BirdingWithKenny

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